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“The Official Launch of The Gathering Storm was October 12th in London… First there was our promotional video:”

Launch Press Briefing:

A select group of journalists joined The Gathering Storm creator Lee Robinson, Editor/Publisher Patrick L Young and contributor Tom Burnett for a press briefing for The Gathering Storm… watch out for the coverage coming soon to media near you!

City AM Tuesday 12th October:THE CAPITALIST

Hedge Funds Review were quick off the mark to discuss the press conference.

Anthony Hilton was as pithy as ever inThe Evening Standard

Meanwhile, Thursday 14th October, we had a lively panel session for a capacity crowd of 125 members of the CSFI in the City…

Also Thursday 14th, we received generous praise from the excellent Buttonwood blog in The Economist

Authors Lee Quaintance and Paul Brodsky also made Buttonwood’s “Quotations of the Week”

Oh and with regard to those errors which are really annoying, please note as follows: the first batch of books contains them and thus is the ‘first edition’ of which there are only 500 copies. The amended version will be printing next week. So you are welcome to buy the last few ‘first editions’ or the amended copies within days, as you wish!

Meanwhile, thanks to our Contributor Prieur Du Plessis for his kind words

– In the book Prieur gives us an excellent outline of what may be in store for US Equity Returns…

Just before the CSFI event Thursday, The creator of The Gathering Storm Lee Robinson was interviewed by the BBC World Service doyenne of business: Lesley Curwen. We think this interview is simply unmissable:

Listen Here

Then after the session, Russia Today television enjoyed a lively session with Editor and contributor Patrick L Young:

Many thanks to the wonderfully classical Solon’s Warningfor his kind mention of our project…

Friday 15th October saw both Lee Robinson and Patrick L Young in the studios of CNBC Squawk Box Europe for a splendid discussion of The Gathering Storm:

Staying with the theme of The Gathering Storm, Russia Today interviewed Contributor Stephen Lewis:

Meanwhile FT Alphaville couldn’t resist adoring the brilliant John Veals article (worth the book alone in the Editor’s Opinion) as well as reminding us what Buttonwood had said previously…

Monday 18th October Miles Costello wrote a terrific piece in The Times but it is behind a paywall so we won’t frustrate you by linking, in case you aren’t a subscriber!

Tuesday 19th saw this mention in The Daily Reckoning while Chris Martenson mentioned us in his Daily Digest.

GUEST COMMENT: A hedge fund manager hits back

eFinancialCareers UK

The Gathering Storm is edited by Lee Robinson and Patrick L Young and
published by DV Books; all proceeds go to charity.

If we have missed any media coverage, then let us know!